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Hello my name is Mark Boyle and I live in the north east of England. I set up this fitness blog in order to bring you the latest equipment from various keep fit suppliers. I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic myself and when I’m not out doing a 5 or 10 mile bike ride, or climbing another Scottish Munro, I’m indoors doing press-ups or using my multi-purpose exercise machine. The picture below is of me and my brother at the summit of Goat Fell (July 2014) on the beautiful Isle Of Arran in Scotland. My third time completing the toughest walk and climb on the island to date, as it was the warmest day in 3 years on the west coast of Scotland at 84 degrees. At 874m above sea level, it’s not quite a Munro, but aptly named a Corbett 🙂


My first venture with weights is when my folks bought me a Weider barbell and dumbbell set (with the plastic collars) for Christmas about 30 or so years ago. For folk who may want to remember what this looks like, see the image below and it cost about £70 back then 🙁

Moving forward a decade and in to the 90’s and we had the big push with multi-gyms mainly by York which took me a few pay cheques before I had the money (£350) and of course the space to store this cumbersome piece of equipment.

From the turn of the century you were not only able to get a wide and varied selection of fitness machines to choose from, but affordable one’s to boot (£300 – £6000). Not only do you get a facility packed full of modern day features and functionality, but you usually get a folding mechanism which is great for that much needed space-saving requirement.

There’s always three routes to the fitness market and they are as follows :- Firstly you have the manual route which is the least expensive, but the most laborious due to all of the exercises like walking, cycling, swimming and jogging. This can take a very long time in which to reach your fitness goals and requires discipline. The second option is the most expensive long term and involves joining a gym or health club and paying overpriced monthly/yearly fees and queuing up to use various pieces of exercise equipment. The last and most viable option in my opinion is by making a one-time purchase and buying a quality and affordable piece of exercise equipment and something which should change your life in terms of fitness and well-being forever 🙂

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