Hello and welcome to my ☛☛ latest fitness reviews ☚☚ blog. My name is Mark Boyle, I’m 44yo and live in the north east of England. Amongst other things I like travel, reading, rock music and fitness. I enjoy looking at the recent fitness items to arrive in the online marketplace and doing the necessary research.

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It is my aim to carry out due diligence at least twice per week on the bigger fitness and wellness items including elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, rowers and treadmills and giving you my honest opinion on each product and whether they represent genuine value for money. I will also review other related items including sauna’s and steam-rooms which could be of real benefit to you and offer genuine value for money.

  1. In years gone by people had a limited choice with regards to fitness equipment and were sort of forced in to joining an overpriced gym or health club if they wanted access to a range of keep of machines. Thankfully, those days are long gone and now you can have ready access to a whole host of top-notch machines which you can access via the online world and order with ease from the comfort of your own home 🙂
  2. When you’re thinking of buying a particular machine please DON’T just pay attention to the price. Think seriously about whether that desired item ticks most or even all of the boxes on your list and will it give you what you want for your fitness goals going forward. Why would you part with your hard-earned cash on an item that you can’t hang your hat on?
  3. I can’t stress this crucial part of the buying process enough and that is to carry out some form of due diligence prior to making your final decision. How else can you have any real confidence with your purchase? You should always aim to buy a product you’ve thoroughly researched and something you can genuinely hang your hat on.


The vast majority of the items that I review on I won’t have purchased myself, but will either no of someone who has and gives me their valued opinion or extensive research I’ve carried out myself on the said item. I plan on leaving no stone left unturned when it comes to bringing you the best products in the fitness marketplace and one’s which have a whole host of features and functionality that WON’T break the bank!

Whether your budget is $500 or $5000, you will probably find a suitable product for you over the course of time when you visit the latest fitness review website. It is always my aim to make it a straightforward process in finding the best products and that’s why you’ll find an easy to follow categories section on the right hand side of each page, enabling you to find the desired page with ease 🙂

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