NordicTrack E500 Elliptical Trainer Review

NordicTrack E500 Elliptical Trainer Review image

If you’re looking for the ☛☛ NordicTrack E500 Elliptical Trainer ☚☚ then, hopefully the following information can give you a clear indication of what you may want.

When you think of the differences between what we had before the turn of the century against the current market then, the changes and technological advancements have been incredible. The NordicTrack company have embraced the need for change and have a wide and varied selection of machines to choose from to match the budget requirements of most folk.

How good is this machine?

Well, this particular elliptical trainer offers excellent value for money in my opinion and comes as standard with most of the bells and whistles of modern day fitness trainers, You can enjoy a vast array of features from the list below 🙂

  • 20 x Resistance Levels
  • LED Backlit Display
  • Fitness Programs
  • Transportation Wheels
  • 18″ Stride Length
  • WB Holder

This particular model of cross trainer gives you a great degree of options and excellent value for money with it’s good selection of programs including transportation wheels enabling you to easily move the trainer without much fuss, a large stride length for a more optimum workout, a water bottle holder and a perfect aid for keeping you hydrated an impressive 5″ LED display for keeping tabs on your progress, 20 fitness workouts to choose from, integrated speakers for your entertainment needs, various levels of resistance to choose from for building your stamina and EKG grips for monitoring your pulse.

Gone are the days when we were sort of dependent on a local and overpriced gym to give us access to fitness machines. The leading brands have now made things more accessible and affordable for people to get the desired machine delivered straight to their home and for a price that WON’T break the bank 🙂

NordicTrack E500 Elliptical Trainer Review image

What are my options?

There are no shortage of fitness businesses to choose from, as they’re all fighting it out for a piece of the large pie and whilst that’s a good thing in terms of choice and price, it can also pose a few headaches with regards to options.

One of the best choices you can make both in terms of customer satisfaction and price competitiveness is Sweatband. They been in this field for a number of years and in that time have built up an excellent reputation with their customers. They’re currently offering 14% off the list price on this machine along with their 14 day money back guarantee.

LFR Rating ~ 7/10

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