Xterra ERG500 Folding Rowing Machine Review

Xterra ERG500 Folding Rowing Machine Review

If you’re looking for the latest details about the ➡️➡️ Xterra ERG500 Folding Rower ⬅️⬅️ then, hopefully the following details can give you a clearer picture of what require.

When you set out to get what looks to be the ideal piece of equipment for your needs, the pathway can be somewhat unpredictable. The best way to reduce unwanted headaches and especially with large and more expensive products. is by making comparisons. This for me is the only way in which you can hang your hat on an item and buy with any real confidence. I would never imagine buying something without going through this kind of process.

The rower I’ve brought to your attention above on this page could be one to give thought to, as it has many impressive things to consider. It has many excellent features which include various resistance levels to choose from ideal for building your strength and stamina, impressive LCD display for keeping tabs on your progress, quality steel frame for added peace of mind, folding mechanism making the machine much more user friendly, flexible pedals and a large contoured seat for extra enjoyment whilst you workout.


✅ Impressive LCD Display
✅ 8 x Resistance Levels
✅ Contoured Seat
✅ Quality Frame
✅ Flexible Pedals
✅ Folding Mechanism

Most of us have varying requirements, but we all want genuine value. Not just in terms of what you pay, but in getting a rower which ticks most or even all of the necessary boxes in what you’re looking for. I’ve been involved in this niche both offline and online for many years and I must admit this is one of the better rowers I’ve seen priced at less then £500. And when you think of what you got for that just a few years ago then, you can see the excellent value with this specific product 🙂 It may not be the exact machine for you, but there’s little doubt about the value.

There are quite a few online businesses who are currently selling this excellent machine, but the one which stands out for me and for all the correct reasons is Sweatband. They’ve been in this field for over 20 years and in that time have built up a solid name for themselves and why they have so many satisfied customers. They are currently offering over 40% off the list price coupled with their 14 day money back guarantee offering added security.

Xterra ERG500 Folding Rowing Machine Review

LFR Rating ~ 7/10

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